Tầng 7 - TTTM Vân Hồ - Số 51 Lê Đại Hành - HBT - HN
Bài kiểm tra 1 tiết số 2 môn Tiếng Anh
Lớp 8
Môn Tiếng Anh
Thời gian: 45 phút

I.Choose the best option to complete these following sentences. (3 điểm)

Câu 1 (0.25 điểm):

You must put all chemicals and drugs in ________ cupboard.

  1. locked

  2. locking

  3. unlocked

  4. unlocking


Câu 2 (0.25 điểm):

You must not let your child ___________ with matches.

  1. to play

  2. play

  3. playing

  4. plays


Câu 3 (0.25 điểm):

Mr Ba is such a ________  driver that he never causes accidents.

  1. careful

  2. carefully

  3. careless

  4. carelessly


Câu 4 (0.25 điểm):

We have to keep all dangerous objects  ________ children’s reach.

  1. out of

  2. out off

  3. out

  4. off


Câu 5 (0.25 điểm):

He told me ________up early in the morning.

  1. get

  2. to get

  3. getting

  4. got


Câu 6 (0.25 điểm):

Lan tries _________ her score in the end-term test.


  1. improve

  2. to improve

  3. improving

  4. improves


Câu 7 (0.25 điểm):

People _________think that the earth was flat

  1. is used to

  2. are used to

  3. used to

  4. don't use to


Câu 8 (0.25 điểm):

He means ________her grandparents in Ho Chi Minh city next week.

  1. visit

  2. to visit

  3. visiting

  4. visited


Câu 9 (0.25 điểm):

She asked her children ______playing that game.

  1. stop

  2. to stop

  3. stopping

  4. stopped


Câu 10 (0.25 điểm):

My father would rather I _________in the morning.

  1. work

  2. worked

  3. working

  4. works


Câu 11 (0.25 điểm):

He detests _____ for someone else for long time

  1. wait

  2. waited

  3. waiting

  4. waits


Câu 12 (0.25 điểm):

He _________ Da Lat on July.

  1. will visit

  2. is going to visit

  3. is visiting

  4. visits


II.Change these following sentences into reported speech. (2.5 điểm)

Câu 13 (0.5 điểm):

The traffic policeman said, “Show your driving license, please.”

Câu 14 (0.5 điểm):

He said to me : “ I have learned English since I was a little boy.”

Câu 15 (0.5 điểm):

The dentist said to me, “You shouldn’t eat too much candy.”

Câu 16 (0.5 điểm):

My friend said to me : “ I went shoping with my boyfriend yesterday.”

Câu 17 (0.5 điểm):

The man said, “Don’t swim out too far, boys.”

III.Read the passage below, choose the best word to fill in the blank or replace the underlined word and answer the questions below. (2.5 điểm)

Câu 18 (2.5 điểm):

Lan is excited about the (1)__________activities she is going to do. The Y & Y is (2)______ a plan to help the community. She will participate in (3)  its recycling programs. In this program, she will collect glass, used paper and empty cans. Then she will send them for(4)_________.

She hopes she can save natural resources and earn some money for her school Y &Y in these activities. She also thinks about (5)________ in either planting trees and flowers or helping the street children. It is really interesting, isn’t it?

a. Choose the best word to fill in the blank (1.25 pt)

1. A. interesting    B. interest             C. interesed           D. interests

2. A. having                   B. have                 C. to have             D. has

3. A. take part in  B. took part in     C. join in              D. joined in

4. A. recycle                   B. recycling          C. to recycle                   D. recycled

5. A. participating         B. participate       C. participated     D. to participate                     

b. Answer the questions(1.25 pt)

1. Is Lan going to have interesting activities?


2. What will she do?


3. What will she send for recycling?


4. What does she hope in these activities?


5. Do you help the community? What do you do?



IV.Put the verbs in the right form or tense. (1 điểm)

Câu 19 (0.25 điểm):

She prefers (watch )_______ TV  to (read)_______  newspapers

Câu 20 (0.25 điểm):

We like _________(talk) with friends at recess.

Câu 21 (0.25 điểm):

Minh hates _______________(eat) durians

Câu 22 (0.25 điểm):

She intends _____________( hold) a party tomorrow.

V.Choose the right word in brackets to complete each sentences. (1 điểm)

Câu 23 (1.0 điểm):





1.She works ______ in order not to get low marks.

2.She hurt herself___________

3.She speaks  ______ so that  every one can hear her voice.

4.Tom is a ________ driver. He always cause accidents.


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